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The Southern Beekeeper was born out of necessity. I have a daughter that was born with extremely sensitive skin. She had the worse infant acne and no matter what I put on it, the rashes on her face just got angrier and angrier. I knew that I would be getting honey bee's soon and had heard all of the benefits of beeswax in skin care products. I began to experiment, starting small. First, I created the soothing baby balm, which I put on my daughter after baths. her skin responded favorably to the balm and it left her feeling soft and smelling wonderful. Then, I moved on to the healing salve, which I applied directly to her little rashes on her face. Within a matter of days, the rashes healed, only returning when she began teething. 
As I saw the positive results for my daughter, I began to explore, experiment, and grow my beeswax products. They are truly all natural, with beeswax and honey coming directly from my hives or purchased locally in Maryland. I use only the best butters and oils, then couple them with home made fragrances from flowers picked from my very own garden. I like to tell people, my products are nearly eatable, up until I add the essential oils. (Please don't eat these products though. It is not recommended.)

I stand by my all natural products. I use them on my daughter and know, if they are safe enough for her, then they are safe enough for anyone, no matter the skin type.

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